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Bundle it- Glute Band + Butterfly Long Band- Heavy

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How to use: You can use our Butterfly Long Band for lower body exercises such as squats, glute bridges, kickbacks, sumo deadlifts, Romanian deadlifts, and lunges.

MULTIFUNCTIONAL: You can also, use this band at the gym to increase your endurance and, add extra resistance to your workouts. 

You can do exercises like:



Hip thrusts




-Woven Cloth Material: The most durable and, comfortable material to take on any workout. Will not snap or tear. 

-Inner non-slip grips: Keeps your bands in place, prevents the band from rolling so, you can focus on your workout worry free!

-3D rubber logo and cute designs: Match your glute band with your outfits and, stay motivated all year round.

How to use

You can use this band for workouts like:



Hip thrust 


 Glute abductions/adductions

HIIT exercises 

Upper body 


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